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Podcast: That Christian Geeky Couple: Flash: Welcome to Earth 2 and Legends of Tomorrow: White Knight

The Flash goes to Earth 2 and his plot is derailed while the Legends of Tomorrow turn back a transparent ploy from the Time Master. Adam and Andrea discuss that and Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Tale and Doctor Who: The Wrong Doctor, Essential Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man Volume 1 and Captain America’s 1940 Newspaper Strips (which aren’t actually from the 1940s and aren’t actually newspaper strips.)

That Christian Geeky Couple: Bizarro (a) and Young Justice, Season Two

This week Adam and Andrea discuss the Supergirl, “Bizarro” (which Andrea says should be “Bizarra.) Then it’s talking Young Justice Season 2 and it’s most annoying character G Gordon Godfrey. Over to the world of Comics, Adventures of Supergirl #1 and Silver Surfer #1 are topics of conversation. The show wraps up with Adam discussing a few Doctor Who Audio Dramas.